August 15

Spending your calorie allowance


We allΒ get a certain ‘allowance’ of calories that we can spend on food each day.
You need to make sure you don’t overspend that allowance and consume more calories than you need, otherwise you’ll gain (or struggle to lose) weight.
We all have certain things we really enjoy that cost a lot of calories.
Wine, ice cream, meals out, puddings, chocolate etc.
Many people trying to lose weight feel they have to cut these things out of their diet completely, or just feel really ‘bad’ when they have them.
But, if you budget for it and don’t waste calories elsewhere, you can fit them into your allowance and not overspend.
The key is not to waste any of those calories you have to spend.
Examples of wasted calories would be…
The pastry picked up for breakfast because you got up late.
The donut you finished even though it wasn’t that nice.
The biscuits that were offered round at work.
The sweets that you barely realised you were eating.
The food at dinner that you felt you had to finish even though you were full.
Any not-particularly-nutritious foods you eat that you don’t massively enjoy or barely realise you’re having are calories that could have been spent elsewhere, on something that tasted fricking amazing and made you feel a whole lot happier.
The main things I enjoy are meals out, cakes and puddings (sticky toffee pudding and brownies especially. Oh and treacle tart, banoffee pie, bread and butter pudding and cheesecake.. :))
I try to be careful not to waste calories elsewhere so that when I’m in a nice cafe or restaurant I can spend a good chunk of that allowance on the things I really fancy and enjoy.
That way you don’t feel restricted and can have your cake AND eat it. Win! πŸ™‚


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