Feel Healthy, Increase Energy Levels and Boost Your Confidence

Are you fed up with yo-yo dieting?

Tired of depriving yourself to lose weight, only to end up putting it all back on again anyway?

Do you want to focus on HEALTH and ENERGY?

Feel more CONFIDENT in both your food choices and your clothes?

Would you love to have a healthy balanced lifestyle and a HAPPIER relationship with food?

And give yourself the BEST chance of living a long, fun, healthy life with the people you love?

There’s so much conflicting information about weight loss that it’s hard to know where to start. It’s overwhelming.

In this crazy busy world, you need things to be as simple, effective, and enjoyable as possible. You want to know you’re on the right track. And you need support and accountability to help you take back control and create a lifestyle that works for you.

NO to yo-yo dieting.

NO to feeling out of control, missing out on fun experiences, and beating yourself up for what you eat.

YES to fitting back into smaller clothes, gaining health, energy and pride, and keeping the results for good.

YES to being the best version of you.

The goal here is to find a happy, healthy balance, empower you with the knowledge and confidence to succeed, and provide the tools you need to set you up for LIFE.

With 1:1 Online Coaching you have all the support, knowledge and accountability you need to achieve long term success.

What’s Included?

  • Learn What and How to Eat to Help Reach Your Goals
  • Guidance on your nutrition throughout the week, to ensure you’re losing weight while fueling your body to be healthy and energised along the way. I am a qualified MNU Nutritionist, and combine an evidence-based scientific approach with a focus on simplicity, enjoyment and mindful eating. All advice is tailored to your goals, preferences and lifestyle to create a plan that works best for you.
  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • A chance to review your week, notice progress, celebrate wins and make plans for the week ahead. You’ll receive personal feedback on each check in, offering advice and encouragement to ensure you’re happy and on track.
  • Motivation and Support When You Need It
  • With 1:1 Coaching, if you need some guidance, encouragement or accountability, you have me as your coach on the end of a WhatsApp or email throughout the week. I'm here to support you and help you succeed.
  • Optional Bi-weekly Coaching Calls
  • The chance to speak one to one is invaluable. Together in our monthly catch up we can discuss any struggles, work together to find solutions, plan the month ahead, and make sure you feel confident about achieving your goals and proud of the progress you’re making.
  • Bespoke Fitness Plan for Health, Strength and Confidence
  • Designed to suit you – your fitness level, goals, preferences, and time available. If you have access to a gym – fantastic. If you don’t or would prefer not to – no problem. Training plans can be designed to incorporate whatever activities you enjoy, alongside home workouts with minimal (and very affordable) equipment.
  • New Delicious Healthy Recipes Every Month
  • At the start of each month you’ll receive a new recipe pack with ideas for healthy meals and tasty snacks. All recipes come with nutrition info, are quick and easy to follow, and will keep you inspired as we go.
  • Group Support From Women Just Like You
  • In our private coaching Facebook group you'll be part of a community of like-minded ladies with similar goals and challenges to you. It's a place where you'll find support, encouragement, inspiration and tasty food ideas whenever you need it. We'd love to have you in there.

  • How to Get Started

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