October 1

How to Stay Young… and look fabulous at Christmas



Did you see that program?

How to Stay Young on BBC1.

It’s a 3-part series, really good, and I’d definitely recommend catching it on BBC IPlayer if you haven’t seen it.

Lots of very normal people who over time have slipped into bad habits and an unhealthy lifestyle.

They go through a series of tests that show how their body is aging, and all are shocked to see that they’re a lot older on the inside than they should be.

There’s a few who are in their 50s who turn out to be 80-90 years old on the inside.

Scary stuff! But a brilliant motivator for them to change.

Their bodies are struggling to deal with the way they’re currently living.

You see some INCREDIBLE transformations though over the 12 weeks that follow the tests, when the people on the show adapt their lifestyles.

Eating more protein
Eating more fruit and veg
Lifting weights
Doing more steps in the form of walking or running

Simple changes that make a massive difference.

These are all things I’ve been working on with my Change For Life online group, and they’ve been seeing the incredible benefits too.

Helen and Ali have started doing the local Park Run each week.

Nicola went out and did her first couch to 5k yesterday.

Tracy has been out on some amazing walks and did an incredible amount of steps in one day.

All have transformed the way they eat, and are loving how much better it’s making them look and feel.

We all know what we should be doing, but it’s that consistency that’s sooo difficult to do.

Things get in the way and make it really hard to keep on track sometimes!

The ladies in the group have kept each other going through support and accountability to me and each other. It’s been amazing to see.

They are such a lovely group, and they’ve enjoyed the process so much that most of them want to continue onto the next program too.

SO happy with this, because it will help them really cement their healthy new lifestyle in the danger time of year – the run of to Christmas.

Mince pies
Chocolate everywhere

Our goal, as always, is to live healthy, eat foods that give us tons of energy, and still 100% have a bit of what we fancy too. 

AND really enjoy it!

Getting that balance right means having had a great time in the run-up, and feeling fabulous in a lovely outfit on Christmas day too.

How amazing will that be? 🙂

This means that if you want to join in with the ladies on the next program, there is VERY limited space.

The last one sold out and I am fully expecting this one to do the same.

We start Monday 23rd October, and it’s an 8 week program.

Lots more info on the link below:




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