April 30

Stroopwafels in Amsterdam, weight loss, menopause and more…


Do you ever feel like there’s SO much to do and you never quite get round getting all of it done?

Me too! This is why I haven’t sent an email for a while and I do apologise – I have lots of bits here that I hope you might find useful.

Quick fire snippets today:


The photo above is me in Amsterdam yesterday morning (had a fantastic 3 day trip with my mum). In my hands is a freshly made chocolate-covered stroopwafel 😍 it was so good!

If you’ve followed me for any length of time you’ll know my message is one of balance – be active and eat healthy foods most of the time, then 100% enjoy a few special indulgences when you really want them.

A key point that helps a lot – make your next choice a healthy one and get straight back on track. The next thing I ate was a superfood chicken salad at Amsterdam airport and that was delicious too (stroopwafel was amazing though!).



My online Change For Life group are approaching the end of week 3 in our program and doing fab. A few inevitable struggles with work or family are cropping up for some of them and this is completely normal.

Life will get in the way at times and the key here is to remember that you never need to be perfect. Consistency is where success will come from, and you can never mess things up completely. After a ‘bad’ meal, day or week, just get straight back on it with your next choice and before you know it you’ll be feeling a whole lot better.

Also, don’t believe the scales every time. One of the ladies in my group last week had stayed the same weight despite eating well, doing plenty of steps and hitting the gym.

Then from one day to the next she lost 2lbs, despite not really doing a lot different.

Sometimes progress takes a while to show, and water retention for a variety of reasons can mask what’s really going on. So whatever you do, don’t get disheartened and give up. Use other ways of tracking progress like clothes and measurements, and KEEP GOING.

As long as you keep putting the effort in, you will see results.



I recently wrote a Menopause food and fitness guide – simple tips on how to support your body during this time, what to eat for health and happy hormones, ways to reduce hot flushes and other issues, the best ways to keep your bones strong, and how to thrive rather than just survive.

If you’re interested, you can download it for free on my website here:






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