September 5

Thrown out her size 14 and 16 clothes…


LOVED this quote from one of the ladies in my Change for Life group.

Like most women, everyone in the group has experience of going on diets…

losing some weight…

and then putting it back on again

because it just wasn’t sustainable.

A massive part of the process we’re going through together is changing mindsets and lifestyles as well as eating and exercise habits. 

The fact this lady has THROWN out her bigger clothes for the first time in 30 years is just brilliant.

It means she believes that this time is a permanent change, and she’s now found “an eating plan that’s finally actually working for me”.

That’s huge, and it’s because we’re building a lifestyle that’s healthy, balanced and adaptable.

Nothing is off limits – takeaways, wine, chocolate, all fine 🙂

We’re just looking at balance – being healthy MOST of the time, and understanding what needs to be done to lose weight consistently.
That’s consistently an average of 1-2lbs per week – and this is a healthy amount to lose.

It often happens that the quicker you lose weight, the harder it is to keep that weight off.

Have you found that?

It feels great initially, but it’s so tough to maintain! 

Quick weight loss usually comes from restriction, missing out on your favourite foods, cutting out alcohol / chocolate / carbs / anything else ‘bad’.

Diets give you a set of rules to follow, but to keep being successful you have to KEEP on the diet.

If you want to be successful OFF the diet too, create a lifestyle instead.

Allow yourself a little of what you fancy at times – ANYTHING is ok in moderation.

It’s a great incentive to eat healthy foods and be active regularly, knowing that then when you really fancy a tipple, some chocolate or a meal out, it will fit into your week so much better.

Then you can have it, ENJOY it and get back to doing all the good stuff straight after.

If you’re getting back to normality now after Summer holidays, this is the approach I’d recommend taking.

No need to beat yourself up or feel guilty if you fell off track.

The best thing to do now is restore balance.

Focus on getting back to all the healthy foods you enjoy, and building in your regular exercise routine again. Just that in itself will be enough to kickstart progress and get you feeling much better within a week or so.

Do things really well MOST of the time, but don’t feel the need to be perfect.

Consistency leads to long term results, and you’ll only be consistent if you enjoy the process.

Do you have any questions or need any help?

Just send a message and let me know 🙂


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