July 16

TOP Tip for Weight Loss Success


This post may seem short and probably a bit boring.
But if you actually apply what’s in it, you WILL see an end to your struggles with diet and exercise.
What do you need to do to make effective, long lasting changes that give you consistent, long lasting results?
Change ONE thing at a time.
Identify one important thing that you could do differently that will help you see results.
For weight loss, here’s a few ideas:
Start planning meals for the week ahead
Start taking healthy lunches to work
Get up 10 minutes earlier to prepare and eat breakfast
Start walking to work
Drink more water
Cut alcohol during the week
Stop buying multipacks of ‘junk foods’
Commit to going out for an evening walk 1-5 times per week
Find a healthier snack to have after dinner
All great things you could do. But the trick is to only do ONE.
Just change one thing, and keep doing that one thing until it becomes a habit.
When it’s easy to do and you barely have to think about it, THEN you can move on to doing ONE more thing, and working until THAT becomes a habit too. And so on.
This can seem slow and boring, but how many times have you jumped into a new diet and fitness regime head first, changed a ton of things all at once, found it completely unsustainable and crashed and burned soon after?
You may have heard that it takes 21 days to form a habit.
Research has shown that it can actually take anywhere between 18 days and around 8 months, but the ‘sweet spot’ for most people is around 66 days.
So give yourself time. Don’t rush. Don’t beat yourself up if you struggle.
Just keep working on one thing, until it become a habit.
True, long lasting success takes time.
Slow and steady wins the ‘race’ to where you want to be.


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