October 16

Wedding ring FITS for the first time in 18 months



How cool is that?! ^^^

Was SO pleased to see this post yesterday from Kim, one of the awesome ladies in my 12 week transformation group, along with the words:

Goal number one achieved (just ), not been able to wear these for 18 months! Feeling happy 
Finding this group really motivating and I’m doing so much better than I could ever do on my own  

We’ve only just got to 3 weeks in, and all sorts of great stuff is going on for these ladies 😀

Goals are being achieved already; pounds are falling off, clothes (and rings!) are fitting better, and everyone is really enjoying the support and inspiration in the group.

We’re also all loving seeing some of the amazing food photos that are getting posted every day.

Some delicious healthy meals being enjoyed by this lot!

The great thing is these ladies are part of a TEAM.

They’re helping each other every day just by being in the group; by posting their photos, getting their steps in, and keeping each other accountable to the process.

How many times have you tried to go it alone?

Started off ok, but then struggled for motivation and ended up quitting?

Maybe life got in the way and you couldn’t stick to the plan?

It happens to so many women. It’s SO hard to do this by yourself.

These ladies have all still got normal life going on too.

We’ve already had birthdays, weekends away and big social dinners to navigate around.

And they’re all still making fantastic progress.

The reason they can do that (and still enjoy themselves at all these special events without having to restrict everything), is because they have the major success tools in place:

– Accountabilty – from me and each other
– Knowledge – of the best foods, what exercise they need to do, and how to manage various situations
– Clarity – on what they want, why they want it, and what they need to do to achieve it
– Support and inspiration – being in the group provides a boost each day so they are constantly motivated to stay on track

All of this is what leads to RESULTS.

Not the temporary kind of results that come from quick fix diets, but PERMANENT change.

Change that comes from spending time building habits and a healthy lifestyle that is easy and enjoyable to maintain.

Change that leads to increased confidence, better health, a happy mind, and a body that looks and feels amazing in the smaller clothes it now fits in to.

This kind of change can be achieved by anyone, including YOU.

But it can be really tough on your own.

I’ll be running another group transformation program in January 2017. So if joining a transformation group with like-minded women and me as your coach could be just what YOU need, just get in touch HERE to find out more.


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