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Weight loss as a busy mum – Rachel’s story


Rachel’s Christmas photos, 2018 to 2019.⁣ A busy mum who has achieved her weight loss goal with balanced healthy eating and a simple home workout routine.

I love that confident posture in the one on the right.
Even better is the proud happy smile that she’s wearing just out of shot 🙂

This is a mum of two, with a hectic lifestyle. Despite that, Rachel has dropped two dress sizes and is now the fittest and strongest she’s ever been.

This is what the lady herself had to say about her fantastic year.


Rachel’s story

“I started online coaching with Hayley in January 2019. I was really keen to get fit, get stronger and lose weight, but I also wanted it to be sustainable.

I’d always done some exercise but Hayley really encouraged the weights, So I got a set of dumbells & started off, very quickly I loved the home workouts. It’s made a huge difference to my fitness, strength, and tone.

I’m a busy mum, and I’m proud to achieve the weight loss goal in a healthy sustainable way. I set my alarm (in case the children aren’t up!) for 6 and get a home session in before the day kicks off. It sets me up for the day and has become a routine.


No more diets

Hayley’s advice and support is fabulous. I don’t feel like I’m dieting or depriving myself of anything.

Even better, being able to make good nutrition and exercise choices has really changed my thinking. Keeping the consistency going without needing to do it perfectly is such a freeing and empowering way to do things.

I am really enjoying the journey and feeling as fit as I am. Seeing these photos a year apart is really motivating too.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Hayley, it’s made such an incredible difference. I’m building long-term healthy habits and I’m so pleased with the changes I’ve seen.”

It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Rachel throughout 2019 and see her progress.

Aside from sharing her story as inspiration, I want this blog to be helpful for you. So let’s break down a few things.

First; exercise.

Home workouts

Rachel’s workouts at home are delivered and tracked using my training app. This means clients can view video instructions for each exercise I set them and track their sets, repetitions and the weights they use. We then get to see a graph appear over time, not just of their weight loss and measurement changes, but their strength and fitness gains too. 

The workouts last 20-40 minutes and are done first thing in the morning, 3 times per week. Rachel gets up at 6 so she has that time for herself.

She got started with a kettlebell and these dumbells from amazon.

We focus on a whole body routine – exercises such as squats, lunges, push ups (place hands on the arm of your sofa to make it easier than on the floor), dumbell rows, overhead press, kettlebell deadlifts and swings.

For a bodyweight home workout plan to get you started with exercise at home, download my Menopause Food and Fitness guide (if you’re not interested in the menopause aspect, scroll to the end of the guide to find the workout).

That morning routine, making time for you and starting your day with a win… I can’t recommend it enough. It makes such an incredible difference.


Sustainable weight loss as a busy mum

Second point to highlight – these photos are a year apart.

That’s a year in which habits were built, meals out were enjoyed, wine was drunk, no foods were off limits.

As a result of this, Rachel hasn’t felt like she’s dieting. And you don’t have to either.
Because to lose weight and keep it off… it’s vital to lose it in a way you can live it.

When you take a year to work on:

  • building enjoyable exercise habits (highly recommend weights training – not just for fat loss and toning up but for protecting muscles, joints, bones and health as we get older – plus tracking your weekly steps)
  • learning about nutrition (increasing protein and veggies, learning about calories and portion sizes, empowering yourself with knowledge)
  • establishing routines to improve your sleep, ensure you’re drinking enough water, and prioritising self care

You end up with a healthier, less stressful, more fun lifestyle, that enables you to achieve results and keep them.

How great does that sound?


A new perspective on weight loss

This year… what if you approached weight loss from a whole new perspective?

What if you took the focus away from what you feel you need to lose, and instead worked on what you can gain from healthy lifestyle changes?

Imagine what life would be like if you had more…

Time for you
Walks in nature
Self love
Time exploring this amazing planet
Fun, healthy active years with the people you love

What if you took all of 2020 to be kind to yourself, build better habits, and change your life for good?

It might be a slower approach than the quick fix diets. But it’s also one that actually works.

And it means no more restricting and yo-yoing.

Along with lot more self love and happiness.

Because you deserve that.

If you need help to create it, just let me know.

To find out more about working with Hayley, click on the link below:

Benefits of having an online weight loss coach



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