August 11

What will people say at your funeral?


Slightly morbid topic, but bear with me.

We’re all so busy worrying about everything. Trying to weigh X amount and be X dress size.

Most thoughts are consumed by food, weight, body image.
What the scales will say in the morning. How we look. What clothes we wear. What food we should eat.

But what will people say to sum up your life when you’re gone?

When they’re talking about who you were as a person, what you achieved, what was most important to you.

Will they say ‘she was a very disciplined person who got down to 10 stone and managed to stay that weight into old age’?

Will that be one of the highlights of your life?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have goals and strive to improve. But don’t let that overshadow what’s really important in life. You don’t need to be perfect all the time.

If worrying about your weight is stopping you from being happy, enjoying life, and fully present with family and friends, maybe it’s time to reassess things.

Life is about balance. Sometimes you’ll be able to give it your all, eat healthy and feel great. Other times you might need to just cut loose a little, enjoy a few drinks and a meal out, and be happy maintaining where you’re at for a week or two.

If you go on holiday and put on a few pounds, who cares? Just get back to eating and exercising in the right amounts when you’re back. What you gained will disappear pretty quickly and then you can crack on with more of a disciplined few weeks, feeling refreshed and ready to make more progress.

If gaining those few pounds meant you got to relax and have a great holiday rather than worrying about every meal, it’s worth it in my eyes (I did exactly the same on my holiday a few weeks ago).

Pick and choose your moments. Do your best to eat well and exercise most of the time. But don’t let it consume your thoughts and cause you stress. If you’re on plan 90% of the time, that 10% off plan can be used to relax, enjoy yourself, have something when you really fancy it, enjoy drinks with friends, a birthday meal with your family or a romantic dinner with your partner.

Basically, live life. So when your days are done people will say ‘wow, that was one amazing person who made the most of her days, what an inspiration’. And the amount you weighed will be of no significance to anyone.



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