April 6

Women On FIRE


women on fireFeeling very inspired right now!

Just spent the weekend in Brighton at ‘Woman on Fire’, an event for women in the fitness industry – mainly personal trainers, class teachers and physios.

There was about 200 at the event and it was just brilliant to see so many female fitpros all in the same place…all getting together to learn, inspire and support each other so we can all go out and help more women.

We learned SO much, my brain is still fried.

The lectures I went to covered topics including –

– Gut health
– reducing alzheimers, cancer and heart disease risk post menopause
– strengthening pelvic floor
– breast cancer recovery
– hormone replacement therapy 
– nutrition around menopause
– preparing for, and recovering from, hysterectomy
– supplements
– stress management
– business strategies
– barefoot training and how it affects the core

It was awesome. And the women presenting just blew me away with their knowledge and passion for what they were teaching. The photo is of me with Jessica Drummond, a ridiculously intelligent lady who has her own institute and flew in from America to teach on gut health and nutrition.

It was just such a brilliant weekend and it feels like a new movement is coming.

The fitness industry is still a very male dominated place; gyms are very masculine and often intimidating environments, and a lot of women are put off even starting.

It’s also a world still very focused on just doing intense exercise and burning calories to lose weight.

This weekend we spoke a lot about looking at the foundations of a healthy, happy body – eating good quality healthy foods, managing stress, getting enough sleep, having FUN and joy in our lives, and actually just getting breathing right before focusing on hardcore workouts.

Most of us don’t even breathe properly, yet if we do (i.e. start breathing slow and deeply into the abdomen rather than just in the chest) it can dramatically improve sleep, stress, pelvic floor, energy levels, digestion, and allow us to then be in a much better place to go ahead and start exercising.

With that and the foundations of a healthy lifestyle that works LONG TERM, its WAY more likely that we can finally stop yo-yoing, and actually lose weight safely, happily, and be able to keep it off for good. 

I’m really interested to know what you think on this and would love to hear back if you have any thoughts or questions!

Will be posting out more info on what I’ve learned over the next few days and weeks, some via email, some on my facebook page – 


and some in my private facebook group – 


so make sure you’re following me / in that group if you’re interested 🙂

Also, if you’re a foodie, lots of food photos going up regularly on my instagram right now as I’m trying out various meal ideas for my next healthy recipe ebook!


As always, anything I can help with just let me know.

Have a great week 🙂

Hayley x


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