April 4

Your biggest struggles… and how I can help

That quote above means so much to me.

Every time I doubt myself (cos let’s face it, we all doubt ourselves) or feel bad for banging on about my program, I read quotes and testimonials from clients like that and know I have to keep talking about it, because there are SO many women who I know I can help.

There’s a few more quotes at the bottom of this email from other ladies who have done Change For Life.

If you’re still considering whether CFL could help you, I wanted to run you through some of the biggest struggles the women I work with have, and how I can help if this sounds like you too.

If you are stuck, there is NOTHING like having a coach and a support network to help you get to where you really want to be.

These are some of the biggest struggles mentioned on application forms for Change For Life:

  • Time
  • Motivation
  • Confusion around what to eat when there’s SO much conflicting information out there
  • Emotional eating.
  • Losing weight while having a social life
  • Getting stuck in a cycle of diet, do well, fall off the wagon, end up back at square one, because it’s just not sustainable
  • Struggling to go it alone without accountability or support

How can I help with this…

I’ll keep sending you information, motivation and advice in these emails, and happily answer any questions whether you join any of my programs or not.

But it can be REALLY hard to go it alone, work it all out and stick to a plan by yourself. 

So many women struggle for so long, going round and round in circles and never getting to a point where they feel truly happy.

In Change For Life you will get:

  • Daily encouragement in our private facebook from your own coach (me!) and a group of women just like you
  • Information and guidance on what ACTUALLY works when it comes to long-term weight loss success
  • A weekly check-in with personal feedback to ensure you are happy and feeling on track
  • Email and Whatsapp support throughout the week when needed
  • My Healthy Weight Loss Recipe Ebook, plus regular easy recipe ideas shared in the group
  • Workout videos that require no equipment, so you can start toning up in the comfort of your own home
  • Your own private forms to keep track of weight, measurements and general progress
  • All the support you need to build a healthy lifestyle you love, and create results that last for good.

If this sounds like just what you need, there are just a few spaces left on CFL 8.

It’s 8 weeks long, and we get started a week today – Monday 9th April.

There’s more info and testimonials here:


If you think this could be for you, don’t miss out.  

How would you like to be looking, feeling and living by the time we get to Summer?
There’s time to make some big changes (and set yourself on a path to long-term success in the process), but you need to start taking action now.


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