November 22

Why You're Not Motivated


Been thinking about this a lot recently.

So many people are struggling for motivation, ESPECIALLY with the run up to Christmas approaching.

It’s a magical time! But it’s also stressful right!?

Trying to get presents sorted, fit a ton of engagements into your calendar, please everyone and navigate a load of meals out without being a stone heavier by New Year.

Something that really helps your motivation is noticing what you’re focusing on.

When you think about losing weight, at any time of year, what comes to mind?

Do you see hunger, deprivation, and crying over your salad at dinner while your friends enjoy pizza and wine?

Do you see yourself having to say no to all the food and drink that you like?

Do you see yourself in an intimidating gym, feeling embarrassed and not knowing what to do?

Do you see really tough exercise, a trainer shouting at you, or you slogging away on a treadmill hating life?

That’s enough to make anyone run back to the sofa with a big bar of chocolate and three glasses of wine…!

What you expect to see is generally what you experience.

As humans we have a natural tendency to focus on the worst-case scenario.

But what’s the BEST that could happen when you begin your journey to lose weight?

How about seeing yourself –

ENJOYING eating healthy foods and discovering new recipes

Loving the feeling of being IN CONTROL and sticking to your plan

Feeling motivated because your CLOTHES are GETTING LOOSER 
and people are commenting on how great you look

Doing exercise that you enjoy, and seeing yourself getting STRONGER and FITTER each week

Having MORE ENERGY and powering up the stairs without feeling out of breath

Buying new clothes in a smaller size and feeling SUPER PROUD of yourself

If you get really clear on what you ACTUALLY WANT to achieve and experience (not all the things you don’t want!), you can start to move towards making it happen.

Picture your desired outcome in so much detail that you can clearly see and FEEL it.

To the point where you can SEE yourself in that smaller pair of jeans, in a top that really flatters your figure, HEARING compliments from admiring friends and family, FEELING confident, knowing you’ve succeeded and you’re not going back.

Every time doubts or worries creep into your mind, switch them to a positive thought like one of these instead.

Thinking like this will give you the drive and motivation you need to keep taking positive actions.

And consistently taking positive actions is what will lead to that slim, fit, happy, healthy you.

Have a great day 

Hayley x


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