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Get all the support and guidance you need to lose weight for good, while prioritising health, building better habits, improving mindset, and still enjoying the foods you love.


Are you fed up with yo-yo dieting?

Tired of depriving yourself to lose weight, only to end up putting it all back on again anyway?

Do you want to focus on HEALTH and ENERGY?

Feel more CONFIDENT in both your food choices and your clothes?

Would you love to have a healthy balanced lifestyle and a HAPPIER relationship with food?

And give yourself the BEST chance of living a long, fun, healthy life with the people you love?

With 1:1 online coaching you have all the support, knowledge and accountability you need to achieve long term success

There’s so much conflicting information about weight loss that it’s hard to know where to start. It’s overwhelming.

In this crazy busy world, you need things to be as simple, effective, and enjoyable as possible. You want to know you’re on the right track. And you need support and accountability to help you take back control and create a lifestyle that works for you.

NO to yo-yo dieting.

NO to feeling out of control, missing out on fun experiences, and beating yourself up for what you eat.

YES to fitting back into smaller clothes, gaining health, energy and pride, and keeping the results for good.

YES to being the best version of you.

The goal here is to find a happy, healthy balance, empower you with the knowledge and confidence to succeed, and provide the tools you need to set you up for LIFE.

Hayley has completely changed my life – not only am I the size I was 12 years ago, my entire outlook on food and exercise has dramatically changed. I now see food as fuel and the occasional treat, and look to exercise with open arms!

Hayley has given me the invaluable tools to lead a happy and healthy life, where I am no longer out of breath running after my 2 year old in the park and can give my husband competition with my 50 kilo deadlift achievement 😉


My mindset has finally shifted away from the ‘I’ve ruined it now’ and ‘I’ll start again on Monday’. I walk on my lunch breaks, I think about nutrition and how long something will fill me up for. I think of all the ‘wins’ I can chalk up in a day.

The entire experience with Hayley is twice as good as along with 3 stone weight loss, my mental and emotional wellbeing has benefited so much too. 


I’ve never felt hungry, like I’m dieting or depriving myself of anything. Hayley’s been really helpful with how to plan meals out, wine and treats. ⁣She’s also given me a training plan which works. I am a busy working Mum and can honestly say I love the home workouts I do now.

Hayley’s absolutely brilliant in her support and encouragement, a quick email or text message really helps. I really didn’t like doing the photos at the start, I’m so glad we did them now.⁣


What’s Included?

All the support, guidance and encouragement you need to achieve your goals while enjoying the process.


Full Nutritional Support

Guidance throughout the week to ensure you’re losing weight while fueling your body to be healthy and energised along the way. Our initial plan starts with an online food diary where you’ll receive daily feedback and tips to help balance your nutrition and feel at your best. All advice is tailored to your goals, preferences and lifestyle to create a plan that works best for you to enjoy and stick to.


Weekly Check In

A chance to review your week, notice progress, celebrate wins and make plans for the week ahead. You’ll receive personal feedback on each check in, offering advice and encouragement to ensure you’re happy and feeling on track.


Optional monthly coaching calls

The chance to speak one to one is invaluable. Together in our monthly catch up we can discuss any struggles, work together to find solutions, plan the month ahead, and make sure you feel confident about achieving your goals and proud of the progress you’re making.


Bespoke Fitness Plan

Designed to suit you – your fitness level, goals, preferences, and time available. If you have access to a gym – fantastic. If you don’t or would prefer not to – no problem. Training plans can be designed to incorporate whatever activities you enjoy, alongside home workouts with minimal (and very affordable) equipment.


New Healthy Recipes Every Month

At the start of each month you’ll receive a new recipe pack with ideas for healthy meals and tasty snacks. All recipes come with nutrition info, are quick and easy to follow, and will keep you inspired as we go.


Access to Hayley’s Clients-Only Facebook group

Here you’ll receive regular videos on mindset, nutrition and weight loss tips, exclusive recipes, and group support from other clients just like you.

Life is too short not to enjoy it the way you want to!

To enjoy food, get strong, and start creating the best version of you, get in touch via the form below.


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