November 22

What to choose on a Christmas Coffee Shop Menu



Christmas is a wonderful time right? Especially if you love your food!

It can be a nightmare time though if you’re trying to lose weight.

My top tips for navigating the festive season would be – 

– stay aware of how much you’re having on a daily basis – check out the calories when you can so you have a rough idea.

– be on plan most of the time and avoid eating or drinking things just because they’re there

– pick and choose your moments to indulge on the stuff you REALLY like.

By staying more aware, you can save yourself from mindlessly eating chocolates, biscuits and nibbles just because they’re around, and save calories for the really good stuff!

AND if you know what the worst choices are but decide you really want to have them, you can maybe make a few tweaks elsewhere in your day and it will fit in a lot better.

So here’s a few top tips for when you’re out, using Starbucks as an example. 
starbucks treat2
Those Christmas drinks they put in the window sound amazing don’t they?!

Ginger Bread Latte… I don’t like coffee but would drink that just for the gingerbread part.

and the Fudge Hot Chocolate… 


BUT, all of these types of drinks, even just going for a Tall with semi-skimmed milk, come in around 250-350 calories. If you treat yourself and go large, you’re having the equivalent of more than 2 standard chocolate bars worth of calories in one drink!

So even a fairly small drink plus a slice of Christmas Carrot Cake (at a whopping 616 cals), and you’re looking at over half a days calories.

No wonder it’s so easy to pile on the pounds.

Starbucks are good though in that they do display their calories on the board and next to all the cakes (that I always find myself staring at longingly while waiting in line).

I very nearly ordered a slice of Oreo cake a couple of months ago, until I saw it would be nearly 700 calories.


So what are the good choices?

Teas and herbal teas are all good.
An Americano is only 11 calories. With a splash of milk, you’re only looking at 40-50 cals.
starbucks xmas cup

Cappuccinos are popular, and a tall one would set you back 97 calories. 

A tall latte comes in at 143 calories. Fine if it fits into the rest of your day.

My favourite drink is a hot chocolate (tall with skimmed milk and no whipped cream, 222cals)
or a chai tea latte (179 cals for a tall with semi skimmed milk)

To be honest I very rarely have either of them now, because I’ve developed a real love for Cadbury highlights hot chocolate (and the options ones as well) at 38 calories per serving and SO GOOD.

The Cadbury highlights fudge flavour is literally amazing. And the Options salted caramel. But they’re all really yum.

And with the chai tea latte I always think I could have that, but then I’d need to eat less of something else. And I’m a girl who likes to eat.

So I tend to go for a herbal tea, or if I’m brave enough to get a cold drink this time of year, the Iced Green Tea Lemonade with Hibiscus is really good and only 37 calories.

Another tip – the fruit juices and smoothies that look nice and super healthy choices are still often 150-200 calories as well, with quite a hit of sugar and not a lot that fills you up).

Of course you can still enjoy having whatever you want now and again – that’s what life is all about!


Just be mindful of what else you’ve had during your day. 

If you find yourself drawn to a skinny muffin (still over 400cals… not that skinny), you could always leave out the potato, rice or other carbs you were planning to have at dinner and just have extra veggies instead.

Being aware and on plan most of the time helps you then really enjoy some of the good stuff without gaining weight.

Hope that helps.

Hayley x


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