June 21

Should You Eat Butter?


One of my online clients recently asked me if she could have butter on her potatoes.

My answer was…

Of course! You can have anything you want.

We’re building a lifestyle that works for long term success and happiness – we are not ‘on a diet’ 🙂

And butter on potatoes does make them taste a-mazing.

So if you want it, go for it, have as small a portion as you’re happy with and then enjoy the meal.

Butter and anything else won’t make you fat on it’s own; the only thing that will do that is consuming too many total calories. 

So swapping out a higher calorie food like butter will help your cause, but there are plenty of other ways to reduce calories over the course of the day too if there’s something you’d still really like to have.

It’s about staying aware of what you’re having and picking your moments to have the higher calorie things you enjoy.

My photo above was my dinner last night – barbecued beef steak, side salad and a jacket potato topped with butter and reduced fat cheese.

Love a crispy jacket potato with butter and cheese! We have it very rarely as I’m quite impatient and normally can’t wait the hour plus that it needs to cook.

I’d have loved to have some full fat cheddar on my spud for maximum enjoyment, but altogether that would probably have left my intake a bit high given what else I had yesterday (plus we don’t actually have any in the house as we eat it so infrequently).

So I had a sprinkle of the weight-watchers stuff instead and it was still great. 

My message here really is…

Enjoy the foods you love at least some of the time.

You CAN eat (and drink) whatever you want and still lose weight if you pick and choose your moments.

Stay aware of portion sizes and calories
choose healthier lower calorie options as a habit most of the time 
and then if you really want something, go for it.

Life is short
food is awesome
and balance is the key to success.

Have a great day

Hayley x


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