February 19

#124 – What to Focus on When Starting (or Restarting) a Weight Loss Plan


This episode is all about what to do if you’ve attempted to lose weight before, and now feel like you’re having to start again.

Topics covered include:

  • the MOST important habits to focus on for successful weight loss
  • what you can learn from previous experiences
  • how to work with yourself (not against yourself)
  • how to make this time the last time you’re working on losing weight

These are links to 4 very good books worth checking out, mentioned in the show:

For mindful eating, and enjoying your favourite foods while still losing weight – The Joy of Half a Cookie

For the self compassion – Self Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself

For improving mindset – Chasing Cupcakes

For weight loss myth-busting – The Fitness Chef – Eat What You Like and Lose Weight For Life

I also mentioned my podcast on Self Compassion – that’s episode #109.

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