November 4

4 stone down – Deb's story


Jan to Oct progress 4  stone down

How amazing does Deb look in that photo ^^^

I am SO proud of this lady.

4 STONE down.

Started at size 20-22, now buying most things in a size 14 🙂 

Deb has been online coaching with me since January and I’ll be writing up a blog about her progress to send out next week. In the meantime, here’s what she had to say about her story so far:

“I had lost weight in the past with Weightwatchers and Rosemary Conley, but as soon as I went back to eating ‘normal’ food, then the weight crept back up. I was also sensible enough to know that supplements, shakes and herbal teas etc are a complete con; there is no magic potion that will solve the problem.

Hayley began building my confidence from the start. When I told her I didn’t like gyms, hated running and was generally exhausted each day after work, she asked me what I WAS prepared to try and then designed a programme that was tailored exactly to my needs.

She armed me with loads of recipes that were healthy, satisfying and that the rest of the family enjoy and she talked me through a new way of thinking about food.

I knew I could easily spend money on diet classes that have no long term benefit and a gym membership that I don’t use. As far as I was concerned this was an investment and if I was paying for a tailor-made product, then I had to make it work. That was part of the incentive.

However, this programme offers way more than that. Hayley is there only a phone call or a text away if I have any queries or problems. The online support group is a real encouragement and Hayley’s approach has helped me to develop a completely new mindset.

I now actually enjoy exercise; I have more energy; I don’t feel guilty if I go out for a meal; I don’t even care how much I weigh(although I have lost 4 dress sizes). What I do feel is that I can be the change that I want to see in me and I have Hayley to thank for that. My advice if you’re thinking about investing in something like this is go for it – you’re worth it.”

If you’re thinking you would love to achieve results like Deb, I’m launching my next online coaching program in January 2017 and will be starting to take applications from next week.

This will be an 8 week group program designed for women who are size 14 – 22 and wanting to change their lives for GOOD.

In that time you’ll work with me and a group of women just like you to get the food knowledge and healthy habits and mindset you need to permanently drop dress sizes and shift stones in weight.

If you’re interested, just get CLICK HERE to get in touch.


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