July 26

5 stone down since January…Vicky's amazing photos


How fantastically well has this lady done? ^^

Absolutely incredible progress from Vicky.

After having a baby last year, Vicky signed up for my Change For Life online program in January ready to get back to where she’s happy to be, and keep the weight off for good.

She has now reached 5 STONE weight loss since the start of the year.

The focus from the start has been on making this a healthy LIFESTYLE that works for the long term.

No strict diet and then gaining all the weight back again.

From the start Vicky has been:

Eating quality, nutritious foods MOST of the time.

Enjoying a bit of chocolate / glass of wine / pizza / anything else when she really wants it.

Lifting weights each week to get strong, toned and enhance weight loss.

Getting her steps in with daily walking.

Simple habits that make a huge difference, and of course combined with amazing determination from Vicky to stay on track and achieve the goals she’s set.

This lady inspires me hugely with her attitude and mindset.

It’s all about getting the balance right and being consistent.

Losing weight in a healthy way while still enjoying life.

And she’s absolutely nailing it.

Amazing job Vicky!


Apologies for what will be 2 emails in one day, but this evening I will send you a delicious dinner recipe I made a few days ago… Baked hake topped with smoked salmon, with a butter bean cassoulet.

Really easy to make, packed with nutrition, and so tasty!

Just had to share this email about Vicky first cos I’m really proud of her 🙂

Speak soon!

Hayley x


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