May 8

#99 – Goal Weight vs Goal Life


Many of us have the goal of getting to a certain weight.

But if this is the main goal we focus on, it can lead to following unsustainable plans..

or feeling like we’ve failed if we haven’t lost weight this week, and missing all the other signs of brilliant progress we’ve created.

So what if, instead of just reaching a goal weight, the main focus was on building a goal life?

A life where you’re

  • taking great care of your body with lots of colourful nutritious foods
  • enjoying a healthy relationship with food, with no guilt, and where nothing is of limits
  • in tune with your body, eating mindfully and stopping when you feel satisfied
  • being regularly active in ways you enjoy
  • speaking kindly to yourself, and being on your own side
  • making time for yourself, to destress and do things that make you happy

Focusing on building these habits means there are always actions and mindset shifts you can work on, that also feel enjoyable to do.

They tend to lead to reaching a weight you’re happy with as a by-product.

And the best thing is, you can sustain the results, because you’ve built a life you love along the way.



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