June 2

Are you on the left or the right?


Such a huge difference…

One brings misery and frustration, the other brings health and happiness.

So many women get stuck going round and round in the short term diet / ‘fuck it I’m just going to eat and drink everything’ mentality.

But to be successful long term, it has to become a LIFESTYLE.

 A way of living where your focus is on achieving balance, valuing your body, being healthy, and enjoying life.

Cutting things out, believing you ‘can’t have’ certain foods, and constantly focusing on restricting or burning calories is not a recipe for long term success and happiness.

If you want to look and feel great for life rather than just a few weeks or months, don’t go for the quick fix. 

Changing habits, creating healthy routines, learning a bit more about food, making gradual progress week by week… none of that is particularly sexy, but it’s what actually WORKS.

And it’s waaaay more enjoyable than yo-yoing back and forth and jumping from one diet to another, never finding anything that actually makes you happy.

What feels most familiar to you, the column on the left or the column on the right?

Work on shifting from left to right and you’ll be on the path to results that last.

This is what the team are doing on my current Change For Life program…they’ve all made a brilliant start, lost an average of 3lbs in their first week and are already feeling the differences 🙂

Most importantly, they’re realising that they’re NOT on a diet; that they can have anything they want when they really want it, and that most of the time it makes them feel great to choose healthy foods anyway.

We’ve had smashed avocado on toast…protein pancakes…tasty omelets…beautiful and delicious salads…

And we’ve also had chips, chocolate and wine!

It’s all good 🙂

We’re gaining a better understanding of nutrition, and once you have that, it becomes so much easier to achieve the results you want in an enjoyable way.

We’re in week two now and adding in exercises to get toned, fitter and stronger without having to leave the house.

Enjoying life

That’s the way to do it 🙂

If I can help you at all, just let me know.

Have a great day

Hayley x


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