August 15

GAINED Weight and Felt Like Giving Up


When things aren’t going your way and you feel like giving up, but you turn it around and WIN the day… 😀

Just wanted to share with you this fab quote above from one of the ladies on my Change For Life program, and the story behind it.

This lady gained a pound last week. 

BUT she lost an amazing 5 POUNDS the week before, and had a night out on Friday that very likely added a couple of temporary pounds to the scales (so actually she’s still doing really bloody well).

More importantly, the vast majority of her last two weeks have been brilliant – loads more activity, lots of healthy food choices, and great progress made towards building a slim, fit, healthy lifestyle that lasts for good.

Even when you know you’re doing well and changing your life, and you know weight doesn’t fall off perfectly as you’d expect week by week, it can be really disheartening to step on the scales and not see the result you want. 

This is why it’s SO important to have support on your weight loss journey. The ladies in the group were amazing yesterday, posting encouragement and helping their ‘team mate’ feel a whole lot better.

Because of that, instead of eating and drinking her disappointment on the sofa (as would be so easy and tempting to do) she stayed on track and smashed out a 7k walk. 😀

That’s why this whole awesome group of women will be successful. We’re not focused on losing as much weight as possible in 12 weeks. That would involve a strict diet and not living normal life.

Then once the ‘diet’ ends, how long before the weight piles back on?

Weight loss is a goal, ALONGSIDE getting healthy, fit, having more energy, being a great example for the kids, and still living life too. 

The occasional meal out, drinks or takeaway are part of that. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. That might mean it takes a bit longer to get there, but it also makes it much more likely that the results last for good.

If you struggle with weight loss or scales don’t show what you expect, don’t get disheartened. Get support from others on your journey if you can – it helps so much when you feel like jacking it in as we all do sometimes.

Above all – keep doing the right things, focus on building a lifestyle you love, stay consistent, and the results will come.

Speak soon – tomorrow evening I’ll be sending out another delicious healthy recipe! 🙂

Hayley x


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