April 30

Looking For A Little Motivation?



I did a 5 minute video on this in my ladies-only facebook group – Health, Fitness and Weight Loss for Women (click to come join it HERE).

If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend giving it a watch.

It’s not often I talk sense but some of the ladies in the group seemed to find it helpful! 🙂

It can be really hard to get yourself going sometimes, especially when you’re doing it alone. 

Most people need some kind of extra support, and I happily provide as much as I can inside the facebook group.

Accountability is MASSIVE.

Having someone to meet or report back to gives you a huge kick up the backside
to make sure you do what you said you were going to do. 

And that’s what it takes to get results – to keep going, to keep doing the daily habits and routines that over weeks and months to come will make you –

– slimmer
– healthier
– fitter
– feel tons more confidence and self-belief
– fit into smaller clothes and look fantastic
– have loads more energy
– be an inspiration to others

100%, YOU CAN DO THIS ^^^

When it comes to fitness and weight loss, you can do anything you set your mind to and consistently work to achieve.

But it does take consistency and hard work.
There’s no easy short cut to long term success.
You can do the quick fix diets, but it’s almost a given you’ll end up back where you started.
You need to get those habits in place that are SUSTAINABLE for the long term.

Some of the best habits –

– Planning food each day
– Getting protein in each meal
– Serving up smaller portions 
– Eating slow and stopping when full
– Drinking plenty of water (2-3 litres per day)
– Lots of veggies at lunch and dinner, and some fruit at breakfast or during the day
– Having healthy snacks available – fruit, high protein yogurt, boiled eggs
– Hitting 10,000 steps each day
– Doing weights training or higher intensity exercise that you enjoy 2-3 x per week
– Winding down from 9/9.30pm and being ready for sleep by 10/10.30pm (10pm-6am is the optimal time for your body to be asleep)

All fairly simple things, all take a bit of effort at times, but all SO WORTH IT.

And remember, you never have to be perfect. 

We all ‘fall off the wagon’ from time to time. There’ll be days or even weeks that don’t go to plan.

But you’re always one bite or one decision away from getting back on it again.

Never give up on yourself or think you’re a lost cause.

You can change at any point that you truly decide to. 

Commit. Put in the work. And let the magic happen.

Check out that video HERE

And if you need any help just hit reply.

Hayley x


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