I work with so many women who just don’t see how amazing they, and their bodies, are.

Your body has done SO much. It’s fricking incredible. It’s carried you through everything in life to this point.

Maybe you’ve had children. Fought through illness. Dealt with pain.

It’s been there through every single achievement and struggle you’ve ever experienced.

Whatever flaws or imperfections you perceive you have, there is 100 times more beauty, power and strength if you choose to see it.

We’re conditioned to never feel good enough as we are.

We see everyone else succeeding and looking fabulous on social media, and we compare their highlight reel to our regular life and struggles.

And then when we get tired or stressed or don’t feel good enough, food and drink is often a quick and easy solution.

Thus we get stuck in a cycle of just not getting to where we want to be.

So what can you do?

Notice how amazing you and your body are.

Self love doesn’t come easy for most of us, but you still have the power to choose the thoughts you believe and the actions you take.

We all have negative thoughts that are complete and utter sh*t.
Ignore those thoughts.

Replace them with better ones and go do something positive that helps you.

Get routines and habits in place to help you deal with busy and stressful days.

Plan meals, have healthy snacks available, keep temptations out of the house.

Create wins from slip ups. Learn from them and use them to keep doing better.

Write down all the GOOD things about you and your body, all the successes you have each day, and keep building momentum.

Practically – have a plan for this week. Aim to stick to it at least 80%.At the weekend, review what went well and what didn’t (with pride for taking action and compassion for mistakes – no judgement or criticism allowed 😉 )

It’s a step by step process, and no-one has it nailed. No-one needs to.

Consistency, not perfection, is the key.

You are already awesome. And if you want and choose to, you can just keep on getting better.

If you need any help, just let me know.

Hayley x


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