August 15

Pain gone, down a dress size, STRONGER than ever before!


For several years I have suffered from hip pain.  
This has occurred when walking, sitting and even turning over in bed.  
Physio and injections have helped ease the problem but it always returned after a few weeks.  
However since I started resistance / weight training a few months ago I now have hardly any pain.  
Although I found it tough at the beginning (and worried that I would start looking a bit bulky – not happened at all) my fitness has improved all round.  
My posture has improved and even though my weight has remained more or less the same (losing weight was not a goal), I have in fact gone down a dress size and feel much more confident in how I look.
 I am always amazed when the weights I lift are increased  (remembering how I struggled at the start) and feel a huge sense of achievement at the end of every session.’
Brilliant testimonial from a lady I am currently training with twice a week.
LOVE hearing things like this.
Lots of women are terrified of getting bulky when they start to lift weights. As you can see, thisdoesn’t happen.
Instead you get strong, toned, and drop a dress size without even trying!
Not only that, but you can often improve your posture and reduce a whole load of long standing aches, pains and niggles,
just by gradually training your muscles to become stronger and teaching your body to move better.
So ladies, if you’ve never tried weights (i.e. never been shown them properly with decent guidance), don’t be afraid! Seek out an instructor at your gym, explain your goals and get them to show you a few exercises that will help.
Better still, invest in some sessions with a personal trainer.
A great trainer will talk through your goals, work out the best plan for you, teach you all you need to know step by step, and support and guide you to where you want to be.
Even if you can only afford a couple of sessions, that could give you the knowledge and confidence you need to get going.


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