August 15

Questioning your thoughts


Too many people are thinking negative thoughts about themselves on a daily, sometimes hourly basis.
A lot of people don’t even really realise that they’re doing it.
But you’ll know you do if you know that you lack confidence and self esteem.
There’s a nagging negative voice inside everyone at times, and it’s almost like there’s a little child inside each of us too, and we hurt that inner child each time we allow the negative voice to have it’s say.
As you go through your day, try to become more aware of your thoughts and the things you say out loud.
Things like
‘I can’t do that’
I’m rubbish at that’
‘God I look awful’
I’ll never be as pretty as that’
‘I feel fat today’
I’m lazy.’
‘I’m stupid’
‘I’m not good enough’
Every time you catch yourself thinking thoughts like this, stop and ask yourself.
Is that really true?
Does this thought serve me in any way?
How does that thought make me feel and act?
What would be a better thought to replace it with?
Even if you can’t believe the opposite of that negative statement, think it anyway.
Act as if you CAN do that.
You’re GREAT at that.
You look LOVELY.
You are getting HOTTER by the day.
You feel FIT today.
You ENJOY being active.
You ARE good enough.
See what difference it makes to your day, your outlook, and your life in general!


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