15 Favourite Healthy Weight Loss Recipes

Download my free recipe ebook to get some healthy and very tasty weight-loss friendly ideas.

I created this recipe book as a way for people to find quick, easy, healthy meals that cover all their nutrition bases, help them lose weight, and still taste great.

It’s really important to me to get the message out that women should not be miserable, deprived and eating like rabbits in order to get a body they’re happy with.

There is a better way!


Menopause Food + Fitness Guide

Download my short guide on what to eat for health and happy hormones, tips to reduce hot flushes and other issues, how to keep your bones strong, and the best ways to support your body to thrive rather than survive.

A simple guide to supporting your body and feeling at your best through menopause and beyond.


Women’s Health + Weight Loss

Download my guide to losing weight in an enjoyable and sustainable way – no more yo-yo dieting! All you need to know about nutrition and mindset to create a healthy lifestyle and long-term weight loss success.

Learn how to stop dieting, start losing weight and keep it off for good.



Confused about what to eat to get the body you want?

Want to avoid having to cook up separate meals for the rest of the family? Need some great recipes that are quick, simple, promote health and weight loss, and still feel like normal food? Want to lose weight while eating pizza, pancakes, chilli con carne, bangers and mash, curry and ice cream?! Let me help you with that 🙂 Get my Healthy Weight Loss Recipe Ebook for only £6.99!



Hayley’s e-recipe book is a godsend for anyone trying to eat healthy yet satisfying meals.

For starters, there is everything you need: breakfast, lunch, dinner and even tasty treats. All the recipes are shown in full colour and use widely available ingredients. The recipes are both healthy and extremely delicious. There are meals here that the whole family can enjoy and, for me, the best thing is that they are all quick and easy to prepare: ideal after a hard day at work!

This is definitely food for a healthy lifestyle rather than rabbit food for ‘dieters’.




Hayley – what a great book!.

I’ve been waiting for your book for ages as I have been watching with interest your posts on Facebook so when I received it I immediately wanted to scroll through all the lovely pictures and begin my menu for the next few days. Each section is so well thought out and caters for every season and all tastes.

I recommend that people take the time to read your introduction as it simplifies the world of “dieting” so that everyone can enjoy eating. From breakfast (there is no need to have a boring breakfast every again.. even a really Healthy Fry up!…) through to Dinner there is definitely something for everyone here. You have just shown us simply how to put good fresh healthy ingredients together to make a meal that tastes good, fills you up and allows you to indulge just a little so you do not feel deprived.

Great work…. Looking forward to Volume 2!


When you’ve had a long day at work or looking after the kids, the last thing you want to do is spend more time than necessary in the kitchen cooking up meals.

You want to eat well and take care of your body so you can look and feel at your best, and you want that to be as easy, tasty and hassle-free as possible.

That is the aim of this ebook. The recipes in here are designed to be:




Easy To Make


Packed With Nutrition




Family Friendly


Pretty Darned Tasty!

You don’t need to be munching on lettuce leaves and feeling deprived while everyone else tucks into your favourite meal.

This ebook contains 76 delicious recipes that are balanced to give your body what it needs, taste great, and still feel like you’re eating NORMAL food.

There’s a whole variety of options for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, and a Desserts and Sweet Treats section where you can satisfy that sweet tooth and find some recipes the kids will love to make too!

If you find all the advice about protein, carbs and fat confusing, I’ve also included a section at the beginning explaining how I’ve structured the meals to have everything you need, and how you can do that too.

If this sounds like what you need, it’s currently on offer for only £6.99…

Download my Healthy Weight Loss Recipe Book now, enjoy some delicious recipes, and start creating the slimmer, happier, healthier version of you that you want to be.