July 14

'Support, advice, accountability, and a kick up the bum!'


That’s what a lady asked me for yesterday.

We were chatting on the phone after she applied for Change For Life 5, and spoke about her goals, struggles, and what she needed from the program. Like so many women she’s:

– got a range of clothes sizes in her wardrobe and would LOVE to fit back into the smaller ones

– done plenty of diets before, lost weight with some, but always put it back on again

– struggled with being an emotional eater at times, and having an ‘all or nothing’ approach

– is busy, ends up putting everyone else first, and is finally ready to start taking a little more time for herself too 

This lady has a goal for Christmas (can you believe that’s only just over 5 months away already?!) and has decided, quite rightly, that NOW is the time to take action.

She’s seen the results of previous ladies who’ve done Change For Life, like the amazing Karen in the photo above, and wants to achieve something similar for herself.

The next team of action takers is coming together…

A couple of ladies signed up yesterday,
3 of the ladies on the current program are joining straight onto the next one,
and one lovely lady who’s done Change For Life before is coming back to do it again.

All are busy, hard-working women who want to
be fitter,
feel healthier,
have more energy,
be able to wear smaller clothes again, and
gain the confidence to enjoy life and all it’s events without worrying about how they look or what people think of them.

They want to feel PROUD of themselves and know they can keep their results for LIFE.

No more yo-yo dieting!!

Spaces are filling up and I can’t wait to see how amazing they’re going to be looking and feeling by the end of October.

Did you have a goal at the start of the year (or maybe for many years?) that you’ve so far struggled to achieve?

Don’t give up on it. You can still make this YOUR year, the year you changed and succeeded.

But you need to take action NOW.

The support, accountability and guidance this lady needs is exactly what’s provided on Change For Life.

I’ll be with these ladies every day;

– giving them feedback on their food photos,
– teaching them how to give their body everything it needs to be healthy while still enjoying their favourite foods (and alcohol!) too,
– providing encouragement,
– posting some easy home workouts that fit their lifestyle, and
– helping them create a lifestyle that gets them losing weight and keeping it off for good.

If this isn’t for you and you’re happy right now, I apologise and will be sending out more recipes and other useful / interesting info again soon.

But there are SO MANY women out there who I know this program can really help.

If you’re one of them, just hit reply to this email and we can arrange to have a chat.

The next program starts Monday 24th July. 

More info here:


Have a great day

Hayley x


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