November 16

Wine, Chinese, regular meals out, and still a STONE down in 7 weeks


‘Really pleased to have hit 1 stone weight loss! Cannot really believe it!’

Was my online client Debra’s comment in our private facebook group over the weekend (different Deb to the one I was talking about last week!)

Just like the other ladies in the online transformation group, Deb is now experiencing:

– nice comments from people who’ve noticed the weight loss
– clothes getting loose and baggy as body fat melts away
– trying on clothes that haven’t been worn for a while because they’d got a bit tight, and finding they fit so much better or are even TOO BIG now
– feeling TONED and noticing arms, legs, bum and tummy firming up
– the feeling of actually enjoying healthy foods, still fitting in tasty treats, and knowing that she’s eating the right amount to lose weight

What I love about Deb’s progress in particular is that she’s lost a stone in 7 weeks while still eating out at least once a week and enjoying an active social life.

In just the last few days before this week’s weigh-in she’s found herself eating at Burger King (unexpected and picked a chicken wrap – great job Deb!), had wine and a Chinese takeaway.

She’s also found a liking for some low calorie salted caramel ice cream and chocolate popcorn (both of which I’ve recommended for satisfying sweet cravings).

The key to Deb’s progress is that she’s found what works for her, exercises regularly and still eats really well MOST of the time. And the addition of protein powder, and a few tasty alternative to chocolate bars, have made keeping on track a whole lot easier and more enjoyable.

Deb and the rest of the ladies in the group know now that if they get their nutrition right 90% of the week, that leaves 10% to enjoy chocolate, wine, takeaways, meals out or whatever else they fancy.

They also understand the idea of picking and choosing their moments. Deb and I have worked together to ensure that where she’s happy to, she’s making the best choices at restaurants. Meals that she has still really enjoyed, but that have allowed her to stay on track too. Deb’s been great at doing this, happily making food swaps that create room to enjoy a glass of wine or two instead and still lose weight each week. All about balance, not restriction 😉

I’m hugely proud of all the ladies taking part in this program, and I’m SUPER excited to announce more details about my next program starting in January.

If you:

  • Are size 14-22
  • Have lost weight before but put it back on again
  • Are sick of trying various diets and nothing ever working
  • Would LOVE to be slimmer, fitter and have tons more energy
  • Want to learn how to eat to be healthy AND get to the size you want to be
  • Would love to GET RID of all your bigger clothes and know you’ll never need them again 
  • Want to wear outfits you can buy in any shop you like, and that make you feel CONFIDENT and PROUD
  • Are desperate to make a PERMANENT change and finally start living life to the full

You could be a perfect fit to join Change For Life.

This is an 8 week group program where you’ll learn everything you need to know to create a body and lifestyle that you’re truly happy with.

You’ll have me as your coach, and a group of like-minded and like-bodied women there with you in our private facebook group.

You’ll get DAILY support, guidance, motivation and accountability.

You’ll also get my weight loss nutrition guide, Healthy Recipe Ebook, and your own personal private online form to record your progress each week.

I’ll teach and provide everything you need to know to achieve long lasting success.

This is not about following some crazy diet that makes you feel miserable and gets rapid results that don’t last.

In 8 weeks, you’ll see be THRILLED by the changes that occur to your body, but the goal here is to give you the tools you need to set you up for LIFE.

There’s limited spaces, so if you’re thinking this could be what you need, don’t wait! I’m looking for ACTION TAKERS who are willing and ready to transform their lives and start 2017 in the BEST possible way.

All the info you need and the link to apply can be found here:

Hayley x


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