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100lbs down and a healthy balanced lifestyle


Gill’s amazing photos at 100lbs down. Showing that however long you’ve been struggling with weight, you can reach your goal and create a healthy balanced lifestyle you love along the way.⁣

I am so proud of this lady and the incredible transformation she’s made in our time coaching together.

After putting in all the effort, it’s only right that the lady herself tells her story.

Here’s what Gill had to say:

I spent my adult life yo-yo dieting


I have tried just about every known diet.

When I turned 67 I was at my heaviest ever, I decided I really didn’t want to get to 70 looking & feeling as I did.

I had constant knee & back pain, hated the restrictions my weight put on my life and felt embarrassed by my appearance.

I started my journey with Hayley 2 months later. It took me that long to cope with having a photo taken!

I quickly learnt so much about how to make this a fun and sustainable journey that has become a way of life by building good habits. I also learnt a lot about myself!

Building habits for a healthy balanced lifestyle

At the beginning I struggled to walk 3000 steps a day. Hayley said 10,000 would be better so I haven’t walked less than 10,000 steps a day since then!

It brings me so much pleasure & has particularly been a great source of comfort during our enforced lockdown.

With Hayley’s support I began to plan my meals each week, including working round days out & events. I always eat colourful & delicious meals & learnt how to include tasty treats with no guilt.

I had various small goals as I went along, it was always so exciting to reach a goal. It was great when I realised I wasn’t having any joint or back pains and I could have more fun & adventures.


I began to love exercising again.


I get great joy from my early morning walks and have been able to do things I didn’t think I could do – I can jump! Can run up hills! (Short ones!).

I smile constantly, I am confident & full of energy and I know this is for life now, because it’s sustainable.

I didn’t think for a minute 15 months ago that I could have a goal of 100lbs loss, let alone achieve it and exceed it!

Hayley has supported & encouraged me, always with great knowledge and advice.  Always making me feel that I am her only client, remembering so many little things about me. She is a life changer!

I have further to go. The journey continues and life is great!”


How to lose weight and keep it off for good


Gill – incredible. I love your smile in photo 2! Congratulations and a huge well done.

I want to highlight this took 15 months – still amazing progress, and it shows real change takes time.

Most people give up far too soon. Partly because we see so many unrealistic transformations in magazines, on social media and in marketing from diet companies.

If you’re reading this and thinking ‘wow, I wish I could do that’… you can. 

Where to start? By ditching the diets. Ignore what you see online and focus on you.

What does a healthy balanced lifestyle look like for you?

Make small changes that feel doable, whether that’s planning your food, eating smaller portions, increasing your daily step count by 1000 a day. Whatever you feel you can do.

Gill found huge value in listening to podcasts on her walks. You can find my one (with episodes about mindset and how to get started on you weight loss journey) here: Think Healthy with Hayley

Start small and challenge yourself to keep doing a little better each week.

Aim to be realistic and balanced, not perfect. You don’t need to cut anything out completely.

Take action, keep refining, be proud of all the wins along the way.

Amazing things happen when you focus on enjoying the process, and just keep going.

If you need help, find out more about coaching here:


Benefits of having an online weight loss coach


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