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6 stone down in 2019 – Gill’s weight loss story


I am so proud of this lady, her healthy weight loss story, and the progress she’s made this year.⁣

When I spoke to Gill in March just before she started online coaching, I remember how down on herself she was. And how difficult she told me she found it to walk more than a short distance.⁣

It’s beyond incredible to see the changes she’s made since then, and how much walking and delicious food she enjoys now. She’s transforming her life and it’s a privilege to be a guide on the journey. Below is what the lady herself had to say.

Gill’s 2019 weight loss story

“In January 2019 I felt that my weight made me like a disabled person. I was so limited physically. My back was causing me pain, and I didn’t like myself. I followed Hayley but put off getting help from her because I couldn’t cope with having a photo taken!

By March I made the decision that I didn’t want to limit my life & be in pain any longer. I signed up for online coaching with Hayley. I could just about walk 3000 steps. But Hayley said 10,000 would be good so that’s what I did!

No more diets 

Hayley’s way took some getting used too, having previously yo-yo dieted all my life. But now it’s my way of life. I plan my week, and I eat delicious colourful meals. It is wonderful to enjoy things I used to think of as “bad” with no guilt, and know it’s all about moderation.

The support and accountability really helps. I also love the encouragement and advice whenever I need it. I still have lots to lose but I love this journey.

It’s changed my life.

Now I walk early every morning, and love it. I can exercise, I’m full of energy, enjoy life to the full, no back pain! I have confidence & joy in life. So many adventures to be had in 2020.”

Gill – an enormous congratulations and well done.
Bring on more lovely walks, colourful food, brilliant progress and adventures in the year ahead!⁣

There’s a couple of purchases that have really helped Gill. A fitbit to keep track of her daily steps, and this set of adjustable dumbells from amazon for following workout plans at home. I’d highly recommend them both as fantastic ways to begin getting fitter, healthier and stronger in 2020.

Would you love to create your own weight loss story? Would you love to make this the year you take care of you (because you really do deserve it)? If so, this is the time to get in touch.

If you’re struggling on your own, juggling everything else in life, wondering if you’re doing it right… I’m here to help.

You don’t need a diet, a meal plan, or a new workout regime.

What you need is support and guidance to cut through the noise. A roadmap to get you to your goal in a sustainable way (with the food you love to eat included).  

Encouragement and accountability. Someone to help you keep going through all the challenges life will inevitably throw at you.

Achievable targets and milestones to know you’re on track. Advice on what to do if you get stuck.

And you need to know you can do it. Even with cravings and emotional eating and stress and life situations and years of yo-yo dieting. You can absolutely overcome any challenges you face. You can reach your goal.

I have a couple of spaces left on my 1:1 online coaching program to help you with all of that and more.

Find out more and apply for coaching on the link below.


Online coaching with Hayley


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