December 20

Deb's amazing photos and how to lose weight long term

One year ago, I posted these photos of Deb.

She had just finished my first ever Change For Life online program and had lost 22lbs in 12 weeks.

A few days ago Deb commented on my facebook post saying this:

“Been meaning to message you to say that one year since finishing the program I am still following the principles I learnt, still in smaller clothes sizes and have lost a few more pounds than where I was when I finished last December. Recommend Hayley’s program to anyone thinking of giving it a go.

That makes me very happy. The whole goal of creating Change For Life is to help women literally do just that – change their body, health and mindset for LIFE. Not go on a strict diet for a couple of months, lose a load of weight, and put it all back on again when they go back to ‘normal’ after the program finishes. We want to create a new healthy, happy, active ‘normal’ where we have the knowledge to achieve great results, along with the mindset and enjoyment factor that allows us to stay that way for good.

This is what Deb had to say at the end of the program last year, and what she’s still enjoying now…

“My clothes fit so much better and tops I had stopped wearing because they clung around my tummy now hang really well and don’t make me look big anymore. I love how I can also still enjoy alcohol and eating out and I have learnt that I have to just plan and adjust elsewhere.

Before doing this I thought I had to calorie count and slog it out in gym sessions with a personal trainer to lose weight but this has been a much less stressful way to do it for me personally. And I know I will keep it up as it has been a lifestyle change rather than a diet fad.”

Clothes fitting better…

Feeling more confident…

Still enjoying alcohol…

Not counting calories…

Achieving brilliant results with a lot less stress How amazing does that sound?

I asked Deb what has helped her most after doing Change For Life, and she mentioned:

– knowledge about nutrition

– understanding how to balance things out so she can fit in treats that she loves

– getting into a routine of planning and preparing meals

– finding new healthy meals that she loves (protein porridge was a new discovery that is still Deb’s favourite breakfast!)

– keeping activity up 

– knowing that she’s never ‘ruined it’ with one bad meal or day, and just getting straight back on it

And of course feeling so much more energy, confidence, and health in her new body that she doesn’t want to ever lose that. The great thing is because that energy, confidence, health and weight loss has been achieved by creating a LIFESTYLE that’s actually enjoyable to live, Deb has found her results easy to maintain. No more diets No more confusion No more yo-yoing up and down on the scales.

If this is what you want too, my next Change For Life program starts 1st January 2018…

Lots more info on the link below, and just email me back if you have any questions




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