January 22

Why you should eat cake (and here's me eating some)

Yep, it was as indulgent and delicious as it looks 🙂 I did share (a little bit) with my mum, as it was huge! Vegan oreo cake from a local cafe…yum. Anyway

This week in my online group, 4 ladies have birthdays (so I thought I’d have this to help them celebrate).

There’s cake, wine, meals out, and even a weekend trip to Lanzarote!

On a weight loss program, you might expect cake to be on the ‘banned’ list.

But the whole aim of the coaching I do is to help people lose weight while still enjoying life.

That sometimes means having cake (or cheese, chocolate, meals out, alcohol, or whatever else you love).

That ALWAYS means enjoying what you have. And NEVER means feeling bad or guilty after.

For true success you need to be in it for the long run, and that involves creating a lifestyle that works for you. Nothing needs to be completely off limits.

If you want to lose weight, it’s consistently making good choices that counts, not always making perfect ones.

Most of the time…

👉 Pick nutritious meal choices based around protein and veg.

👉 Be aware of your portion sizes and snacks – checking calories really does help

👉 Make an effort to walk more and be active (lift weights and you’re onto a winner )

👉 Say no to biscuits, high calorie drinks and other low-nutrition extras that easily add up.

Then, on special occasions or when you just see something that makes you think, ‘yeah I want that, and it’s worth it’, have it and enjoy!

It doesn’t need to be your birthday. It just needs to balance out long term with the activity you do and other nutrition you have.

The only way you lose is if you think ‘I’ve messed up now so I might as well carry on and eat sh*t til Monday’.

Ask yourself, was it worth it?

If Yes, great! Be glad you had it and enjoyed it, and crack on being healthy again.

If No, that’s cool. How you can you gain some benefit from that? What could you do differently next time? Learn from it, move on, and crack on being healthy again 

Food is there to fuel and nourish us, but also to be enjoyed. Go for healthy/lower calorie options most of the time. Pick and choose your moments to indulge. And when you do, love every delicious mouthful.





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