February 2

Tough January? Here's how to kick off your year now


Happy February!

How was January for you?

It seems to have been a tough month for a lot of people with post-Christmas blues, colds and bugs going round, life stress and the weather.

If your goals or plans haven’t worked out so far, don’t worry, you are not alone! Best thing to do in this case – scrap January. Start your year now. What do you need to do to make February a great month and kick off your 2018?

If you have a weight loss goal, here’s a few tips to help get you started:  

💪 Set a goal for the month and make a plan of action. What steps do you need to take? Do you need to get in the habit of planning meals? Clear any temptations from your cupboards? Schedule in regular exercise?  

💃 Find your start point. Take some measurements and maybe some photos as well as your weight. Even better, find (or buy) an item of clothing that’s a bit tight and get into the habit of trying it on once a week. Keep looking forward to how it will feel when it fits you really well, then go make that happen.  

 Ignore what everyone else is doing. We all have different bodies, different backgrounds and different lives. On social media you’re likely only seeing other people’s highlight reels anyway. Focus on you, set yourself achievable goals and keep doing the best YOU can.  

🙌 Make fitness fun. For long-term success, it needs to become a lifestyle that you’re happy to keep living. So do what you enjoy. Try new foods, recipes and ways of exercising. Embrace the challenge of getting stronger and fitter. Walk in nice places. Jump around looking like a plonker like me in the photo above 😀

Keep doing the best you can with food and exercise each day, so that when you want to go out for a meal, have a few drinks or order a takeaway, it fits a lot better and you can enjoy it. Consistency, not perfection is the key.  

Set goals, get determined, and make progress over the next few weeks and you’ll be feeling great and well on track for success. Any help or advice you need? Just let me know.







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