September 26

Weekly Round up – Motivation, Dementia, and how to Win next week

Weekly round up for you of social media posts and articles you might find useful 🙂

My post on motivation is below, and after that you’ll find links to other posts on Dementia, protein powder for women, a home workout and more.

Any questions or help you need, just let me know.


When motivation drops…

Do you ever feel motivated to make healthy changes, and then find stress, tiredness, or a social event completely knocks you off track?

Motivation is a flaky little bugger that isn’t always there when you need it. A big key to success is continuing to take positive action until it comes back. Here are some techniques to help you do that:

 If you’re tired or stressed, minimise your decisions. Go for easy high protein meal options that you enjoy (loving slow cooker meals again right now). Have the foods you need in stock and healthy low calorie snacks available.

 Struggling with snacking on unhealthy options? Consider removing them from the house for the time being. Make it easier for yourself to get back to healthier choices by not having to resist what’s in the cupboards.

 Make a list of things you can do to feel good that don’t involve food or drink – walks in nature, a quick run, deep breathing, a bath, cup of your favourite tea, meditation and a spot yoga are all great options.

 Have favourite places you really enjoy walking, that make you feel great – for me finding this steam train always makes me smile 

 Keep hold of a few inspiring weight loss stories and articles to read to remind you it requires effort and determination but it’s worth it. Quotes, inspirational videos on YouTube and photos of people you admire can help a lot too.

 Have a picture of the holiday destination you’re next going to visit where you want to feel at your best by the pool or the beach.

 Think about the positives of what you’re working towards – how will the changes you’re making benefit your health, confidence, relationships and life in general?

 Think about the negatives you’re moving away from – what are you current unhealthy habits costing you in terms of your health, confidence, relationships and ability to be your best?

Remember every positive action is a WIN, and you don’t always have to feel motivated. Build the habit of taking action anyway. Be determined to make it work.

Action leads to results, and that will get you motivated to keep going 

Social Media Posts / Website Articles

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Home workout routine (especially good if you run) HERE

All you need to know about protein powder HERE

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Protein pancake stack recipe HERE

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