May 15

94 POUNDS weight loss in 16 months – Vicky's incredible photos


How incredible are those photos…

I could not have been happier (and more impressed) to get a photo update from this amazing lady a couple of days ago.
Vicky started my Change For Life online program in January last year, achieving an amazing 2 stone weight loss in the first 2 months.
Since then she’s continued to build on her healthy eating habits and nutrition knowledge, kept active through regular weights training, and gone one to completely transform her body and lifestyle.

These are Vicky’s stats…
Total weight loss in 16 months:
43kg / 94.6lbs / 6.8 stone
Dress size:
Gone from 18-20 maternity wear to an 8 top and 10 bottom.

Here’s a few words from the lady herself…

“I can’t thank you enough for all the support, knowledge and friendship you’ve shown me throughout the year. Not only have I managed to shed a bucket load of weight, I also know how to eat sensibly and nutritionally, get back on the wagon when I fall off, plan goals and how to achieve them and enjoy guilt-free splurges.

You have helped me gain confidence in what I eat and look like, and have encouraged me to exercise for fun as well as to achieve goals. I now go to Bootcamp training sessions 3 mornings a week and love every second of it! Most of all I am fit, super strong, motivated, and happy.”

I hope Vicky’s photos inspire you and show you…

Whatever change you want to make, you CAN do it too.

If you are ready and willing to put the work in, there is SO much you can achieve.
Vicky was ready.
She got the support, knowledge and accountability she needed through Change For Life.
She built the habits and lifestyle that allowed her to be the BEST version of herself that she can be.
And she kept going (because habits and lifestyle changes are SUSTAINABLE, whereas diets, as we all know, are not).

If you want to:

– lose weight
– drop dress sizes
– gain confidence and energy
– learn the best ways to eat and exercise for a slim and healthy body
– be part of a team of women just like you, and
– have guidance, support and accountability from a coach (me 🙂 )

my next online program is starting on Monday 4th June, taking us up to the summer holidays (feeling fit and fabulous in summer clothes – YES)

Change For Life 8 is going extremely well and I am so proud of our team we have in there. Dawn, Emma, Tessa, Vicky, Melany, Jade, Caya, Sandy, Lynsey, Kate, Tracy, and Nicola are all doing fab and I will be sharing some of their progress stories over the next few weeks.

Change for Life 9 is limited to just 12 spaces, and a few of these will be taken by ladies from the current group who want to continue.

So if you want to make that change in time for summer – just click the link below.





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