In the process of a weight transformation but achieving so much more than that.

This lady is a star, she’s made so many positive changes and I’m very happy she’s going to continue her journey on the next Change For Life program. Here’s what Ali has to say about her experience so far…

“I’m now in the last week of this 12 week programme and I was introduced to Hayley through a friend who had incredible results last year working with Hayley.

If I’m totally honest, at first I found the posting on Facebook a bit challenging. I am not someone who is always on Facebook and initially found it hard to keep up reading the posts. 

After a couple of weeks I had a complete change of heart and understood there was no pressure to comment or not comment on the posts and they were a way to get a huge amount of support from other ladies in this group.

This even went so far as a joint outing to Park Run in Haywards Heath for those who wanted to join in and a few of us attending a local clubbercise class. It was brilliant to get the encouragement and support from others who are wanting to achieve the same thing as me. If I had not joined this programme I would be at least a stone heavier now than when I joined, over the last 12 months my weight had been slowly increasing month on month and now I’ve reversed that with Hayley’s advice and relentless support.

Through following the foods that Hayley recommends and getting my steps in I have found I’ve more energy than in a long time, my skin has a much better complexion and my attitude towards what I actually want to eat has changed. I now exercise more than I have done in a long time and actually get excited about doing more and being able to do more.

All of this is down to firstly, Hayley Plummer who never has an off day and is a true inspiration and secondly, everyone in the group that helps me realise I’m normal, life is busy, we all have bad days but we can also all do this.

I have lost weight and inches, become fitter and feel better in myself which gets better day by day – the numbers are not important because what Hayley has shown me is that if I do the basics every day, changing the way I approach my life then the results happen.”

Massive well done Ali, you have done a brilliant job so far and I can’t wait to see the results you’re going to achieve.

The next 8-week Change For Life Program starts on Monday 23rd October.  14 lovely ladies are signed up already and there are now just 6 spaces left.

To find out more and apply, just click on the link below: