November 6

How to help your body through Menopause

Menopause is a tough time for a lot of women. Hormones fluctuate, hot flushes and other unpleasant symptoms occur, and emotions can be 🤗😥🙄

One of my clients was telling me today how much diet and lifestyle changes have helped her, which prompted me to share this.

Supporting your body and mind with these tips can make a big difference 👇

🍳 Protein in each meal helps you stay full and encourages your body to keep hold of muscle.

🥦 Reducing carbs and packing your meals with extra veg can help boost health, digestion, immune function and weight loss.

🐟 1-3 servings of healthy fats daily provides energy and vital nutrients for healthy hormones.

🍫 Reducing processed high sugar foods (couple of squares of dark chocolate is a great alternative)

🚶‍♀️Daily walks for heart health, mental health, weight loss. Keep active daily, use a step tracker, take the stairs, walk wherever you can. Head out in nature whenever possible.

😴 Sleep. Always important but even more so during menopause. Having a calming routine before bed makes a huge difference.
For some women, an evening meal high in protein and some slow-digesting carbs can help too.

🏋️‍♀️ Lift weights. For strength, toning up, weight loss, stress relief, reducing risk of falls, improving health markers, boosting confidence, and encouraging your body to keep hold of vital muscle as you get older.

💦 We all know the benefits of drinking water, but its still easy to forget to do it. Having a target like getting through 4-5 refills of a 500ml bottle can be helpful.

🌞 Vitamin D and omega 3 can be two very helpful supplements for energy, brain function, heart health, and potentially helping with weight loss.

💖 Self care. You’ve spent decades looking after other people, now it’s time to look after you and do things that make YOU happy.

🙏 Meditation, yoga, walking in nature, treating yourself to nutrition-packed meals, booking trips and experiences you’ve always wanted to do.

Minimise stress, don’t worry about being anywhere near perfect, and look after yourself because you deserve to feel good.

Any questions or help you need, just let me know.



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