books for weight loss

There are so many amazing books to improve your mindset, and SO

Finding time for weight loss

Welcome to part 2. You can find part 1 here – Finding

  How to not gain weight at Christmas – while still fully

It’s that time for buying gifts again… So I thought it could

Finding time for weight loss

One of the most frequent struggles people have when it comes to

online weight loss coaching

  When you have foods that you crave and emotionally eat… And

Can you really lose weight eating foods you love? Is it possible

Self sabotage and emotional eating… have you experienced either of these? These

  Binge eating is far more common than most of us think. Many

Recently I posted about my client Gill, who has achieved an amazing

When it comes to weight loss, mindset is many people’s biggest struggle.

Gill’s amazing photos at 100lbs down. Showing that however long you’ve been struggling