Recently I posted about my client Gill, who has achieved an amazing

When it comes to weight loss, mindset is many people’s biggest struggle.

Gill’s amazing photos at 100lbs down. Showing that however long you’ve been struggling

weight loss motivation

  If you’ve tried for many years and not yet reached your

How do you lose weight without dieting? Like, actually lose weight in

      You can probably tell from this photo of me

This is an article to focus on what matters most when it

home strength training

Home exercises for menopause – a routine you can do with minimal

How to set a weight loss goal… How to feel excited, motivated

  There are so many ways to lose weight. So much confusing

Do you recognise this scenario? You’re on a diet. So far you’ve

Rachel’s Christmas photos, 2018 to 2019.⁣ A busy mum who has achieved